A3Queen Emerald is a family owned jewelry shop specializing in Natural Colombian Emeralds. Our family has been working with this magnificent gem for 40 years and we count with the greatest team of Master Jewelers in our shop. Our store is located in Florida and the main shop in Bogota, Colombia, in the heart of the emerald market.

Lote CoscuezEvery single emerald is hand selected and every single piece is made one at the time for our jewelers.
The whole process is made in our shop, from the cutting to the final polish. And that is the mayor reason why we can guarantee you the great quality in all our pieces.
When you buy one of our pieces you are buying a one of a kind emerald jewelry piece made with responsibility and love. Feel free to contact us we’ll love to tell you more about us and our emeralds: phone 888 472 2680 or e-mail us at jose@QueenEmerald.com

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  1. Posted by L.Marion Smith,Sr. on April 7, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    Thank you for sending me your blog.I remember very fondly my time in Colombia and dealing with Miguel.Hope fully we can do more bisiness in the future.


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